Give Yourself a Break

You deserve it. Stop overworking yourself and start living your best life. Whether that involves traveling or spending time at home, it’s all well deserved.

Your life is meant to be lived! Honestly, when I am in need of a break from work, life, daily stresses … the best thing for me is to experience life. Now, don’t get me wrong I really dislike airports, turbulence, stuffy planes, flight delays and especially road trips – don’t ever invite me on a road trip. However, I’ll hop on a plane to somewhere hot n’ beachy in a heartbeat!

Here’s the thing, you need a break! And for many reasons I feel the need to go on vacation often and probably more than 2x a year. I wanted to share a few reasons as to why it’s necessary and how doing it more often will bring you fulfillment.

1.) Traveling, for me, is similar to reading books. Travel gives me time to think, ideate, observe and learn new things – culture, food, personal growth. It also gives a lot of time to introspect and understand on how certain things are done around the world. You sort of get a benchmark on life. Inspiration to live better, or perhaps, happy to be living a better life.

2.) Traveling allows me the right amount of time to pinpoint in my life what is serving me in a positive way and what I need to get rid of. When you’re busy running around and in the swing of your daily tasks with work you can’t fully collect the thoughts you need. Traveling allows me to see my life in a different light and examine more of who I am.

3.) Traveling is joyful to me. I love to explore and see new things. When you’re not doing things that bring you joy you’re going through the motions of life and this can potentially lead to a very miserable lifestyle. Start doing things you love and find joy in.

I grew up traveling with my mom mostly and so it’s pretty ingrained in me. When I was younger (and I’ll never forget this) I was on a competitive gymnastics team and doing very well … we had State coming up and my mother wanted to take me out of practice to travel to our favorite place, Naples, FL. My coach was livid to the point where she wanted to pull me from State competition. Being so young I had no control over either decision and of course, I can never turn down a vacation to Florida. We went on our trip despite my coaches mad feelings and when I returned I competed in state competition and was the all-around state champion that year! I like to think a little sunshine helped give me the boost I needed to win over-all. I love this story because personally as an adult, there have been many times I’ve felt overworked, burnt out and needed a break. It’s easy to continue working yourself to death and overthink, but don’t. Just hop on a plane!!

When you need a break, how do you spend your time? Find what works for you.