people say:

“I continue to be impressed with her business acumen and her ability to manage projects as a clear thinker who is open to new ideas and perspectives. She has always been well-liked and respected among her team members and her positive outlook and good nature is always contagious.” – Susan N. (Stille Surgical)

“Stephanie is a breathe of fresh air in the social media space. Her enthusiasm and passion for social media allows her to come to the table with fresh ideas, creative pursuits and strategic actions. Especially in a tough social media space like B2B.” #winner – Ken M. (Symmetri)

“Stephanie is a true expert in all things social media. She brings an obvious energy into her work and accounts alike. Her positivity makes her a clear leader of company culture and it was an absolute pleasure working with her.” – Brennan P.

“Stephanie is an expert when it comes to social media. Iโ€™ve worked with many people in the past and I havenโ€™t seen anyone as passionate, creative and knowledgeable in social as Stephanie. No assignment is too big for her, she can tackle any complex project and deliver outstanding results ahead of deadlines. It was a pleasure having an opportunity to work with Stephanie and I hope to work with her some day in the future! If you want to be sure that your social network accounts are     in good hands then consider teaming up with Stephanie!” – Alex G.

“Stephanie jumped head first to creating a social environment where there was none. The growth she demonstrated on all social media platforms is amazing!” – Meghan F. (Elkay Manufacturing) 

“Easy to work with, excited to do any task, and responded well to all Client feedback. She was dedicated to the position – and really seemed to care about her Clients. She was an excellent co-worker.” – Jenna F. (Symmetri)