Why You Were Unfollowed On Instagram

It’s about time I wrote this. If you didn’t already know I own a social media marketing business in Chicago & I’m also a blogger. I have encountered enough of these communications where it’s time to put an end to this. Are ya with me? Continue reading…

Has someone ever questioned why you stopped following someone on Instagram? Or maybe you overhead conversations similar to this where there is so much weight around this subject, who follows you, who follows this person etc. To me, this sounds so silly. Is this really what 1/2 the world is worried about?? Listen up! I would love for you to follow me and my journey of starting a business @sociallysteph … however, I may not follow you back and here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. It’s 100% not because I don’t like you … This is really not the case at all and I probably love you … Seriously, I don’t follow 1/2 of my family members on Instagram & social media in general because I’d rather keep up with them in-person & hear their voice. Personally speaking, I have different intentions with social media and like to keep it more business focused. Try not to take it personal. This goes for anyone and everyone, can we stop taking these things so personal because “it’s just social media!!” Trust me, I understand that so much of our daily lives and interactions happen in and on social media, but you must understand that not everything has a negative intention and it’s best to truly understand this for the sake of your mental clarity and the health of your relationships.
  2. I rather create content than be caught up in consuming too much. Therefore, it’s true that keeping your follow count lower will mitigate this. Unfortunately, this is the game and the way Instagram is set up. It’s unfortunate that this platform has people so fixated on follower numbers and maybe that will change one day. Just know in your heart that even if someone doesn’t follow you on Instagram or social media that it doesn’t mean they don’t support you, care for you, love you in real life. Again, “it’s just social media!”
  3. You never show up in my feed. Here’s the thing, I’m on social media to be inspired, educated and network for my business. If I’m following someone who doesn’t produce enough content or show up in my feed, I don’t find a valuable reason to continue following. Social media is 24/7 on and if you’re not keeping up with this in some format you will notice that people will drop off and that is why consistency is key in this industry. Which is also a huge reason why my clients hire me.

So there’s my two cents on this subject … although I can write a book on this subject alone I really wanted to keep this short & sweet! Do you have a story to share on this? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.