The Balance Between Social Media & Really Living Life

It’s 2019 and Social Media seems to consume our lives. Everywhere you turn someone is taking a selfie on Instagram, scrolling through Facebook and snap chatting their every move. It’s all okay and good if you’re finding pleasure in using these apps, connecting deeper and becoming a better person by it. Social media is a space in which I feel one can be truly inspired, empowered and tap into creativity. However, there is always pros and cons to everything in life. Let’s talk about how & why you need to find a balance with your time spent on social media.

Coming from someone who owns a Social Media Marketing business & has named themselves & business, Socially Steph. I tend to feel people think I am always on, similar to Social Media. This industry is 24/7. While I like to portray that I am a super social gal I also need you to know there is a fine line one must draw. While Social Media can tend to feel more like a living room than my very own I know the importance of connecting in real life and making sure you’re not living a life just to “post about it.” We see this a lot nowadays … people seem to be doing things generated by social media instead of actually living and doing things they truly want or enjoy.

At times it can be extremely difficult to not invest too much of your time into Social Media, but taking a step back to really look at the amount of time you’re spending is extremely vital for your mental health. I’m going to tell you personally how I treat my own social media & maybe this can help you find a balance:

  1. Find purpose & intention with your social media. I use my social media for mostly business purposes and inspiring others. Therefore, I don’t find it beneficial for me to get caught up in what family/friends are doing. While I care deeply about them it’s just not what I am here for in Social Media. I rather engage, like and have conversations with those I care about in person vs. online. Be intentional with your online space and ask yourself these questions: (1). “What am I using this for? (2). How am I using this? (3). What can I be doing otherwise?”
  2. Unfollow/ unfriend accounts that don’t bring added value to you or inspire you to be a better individual. If you’re finding something is bringing you down or making you feel less than simply remove it from your life. Don’t feel bad about unfriending, blocking or unfollowing something that is better off for you in the end.
  3. Put a time on it! Seriously, set a timer and follow through. Allow yourself times when you can check in with your social media. Similar to emails, right? You don’t want to be checking in every other minute. Spend quality time on social media to get the most out of it.

How do you find balance with social media & living a real, genuine life? Share here in the comments & don’t forget to get social with me!