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When Taylor reached out to me on LinkedIn I was immediately drawn to her passion: Personal Styling. I had to learn more about her & what motivated her to start her business. I’m excited to have Taylor as a guest on SociallySteph.com to share with YOU more about what she’s created & how she can help you elevate your style ASAP. Head back to the office with a new look.

Read on to get inspired:

What inspired/motivated you to start your business?

My motivation to start my business was based off of a childhood trauma. I grew up in a single-parent household. My Mother’s a nurse and my Father’s a factory worker, so we didn’t have much money growing up. I moved out of my Mom’s to my Dad’s on my 18th birthday & that decision equaled leaving my half-brother behind. This left me with a broken heart. His situation was worse than mine & he didn’t have help with food or clothes like I did. Since then I vowed to never leave another person behind. I do that through my styling services.

Who do you service and why? 

I service entrepreneurs & speakers, both male and female. I chose this niche because I noticed a giant hole in the market. There’s no one serving these individuals. Another big reason is because I consider myself in the same bracket of people & essentially I want to serve my people. 

What does style mean to you?

Style to me is personality. My style describes my personality. I wear it on my body like armor because it gives me the confidence I need to conquer my day, my week, & my life.

How does style make an impact on someone in their life or business? 

Style is different for everyone. Once I found my style, I was a whole new person & gained self-esteem & confidence which in turn gave me the courage to start my business. For others, style could be their brand, their armor (like me) or anything they want it to be. It can benefit them more if they use it to their advantage like when you dress nice for a job interview, you feel confident so you nail the interview, right?! Style can give you confidence if that’s something you’re lacking.

What’s important when it comes to style?

Comfort & fit are the two most common goals when it comes to style. You don’t want to buy a bunch of clothes that are so uncomfortable that you want to take them off immediately. You also don’t want clothes that don’t fit you properly because then you’ll never wear them & again that’s wasted money & time you could have spent buying the right thing. OR if you have a personal stylist/personal shopper, like me, then you don’t have to worry about it! You can pay them to do the shopping FOR YOU as they will have your preferences & measurements & you now have more time to spend with family or build your empire.

What’s the greatest pain point you solve for clients?

TIME. Entrepreneurs & speakers are constantly traveling, in meetings, working on projects, etc and they don’t have time to shop for themselves. My client Shay Rowbottom is a great example, she has no time & hates shopping anyway. Does this sound like you, too?

What helped you gain business since starting? 

I started my business in November 2019 so it’s still fairly new. However, having the courage & belief in myself to make my dreams reality is what has helped me the most. If I didn’t flip my mindset I would have never started my own business & lived the life I truly desired. 

How do you leverage social media?

I use LinkedIn as my main platform to connect with & gain clients since my target audience is there. Facebook groups to find potential clients. Instagram, Twitter & YouTube are helpful sometimes, but not nearly as much.

What social media platform has helped you the most in business? 

LinkedIn, hands down.

What advice would you give to someone looking to own their style? 

If you’re looking to own your style you have to be open minded & not give a f*ck what others think because it is most important to be yourself & not who society wants you to be. This includes your appearance, the only people that look like a barbie doll are those that can afford botox. Style can help you love yourself like it did for me & is part of my why. My mission is to help thousands of others gain their confidence through clothing!

Tell us about virtual styling.  

Virtual Styling is fairly new to the market & each one is different. There are two main types of virtual styling – there is the stitch-fix way & then there is the freelance way. I have worked in both. I prefer freelance simply because I really get to know my clients on a deeper level, I don’t just provide them with outfits & say ‘good luck!’I run my business using a 3-4 step process, the first step is a discovery call, we have to have chemistry or some sort of connection for the relationship to work, during this meeting we discuss their answers to a style questionnaire that they receive via email after scheduling a meeting.The second step is the review of the lookbook. This generally occurs between 3 days & week depending on the clients schedule, it takes me 2-3 days max to put the lookbook together. During this meeting we discuss the lookbook to be approved for purchase of the clothing or just the lookbook. We will also discuss if there needs to be any changes to the lookbook, which if there are, that will equal the 4th step as the third step is meant for invoicing, & tracking of the shipments. The 4th step is the final review of the lookbook after changes.

What’s been the most challenging part of running your business thus far? 

MYSELF. What I mean by that is that I have been in the ’employee/closed mindset’ & I have been working towards the ‘growth mindset.’ I’ve allowed myself to get in my own way & sabotage my own success. Why? Probably because I dream big & want a life of luxury & I haven’t been considering myself worthy of that success & life. Until I do, I will not be successful.

What’s your favorite inspirational quote you believe in? 

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece & a work in progress, simultaneously”

Sophia Bush

“A girl should be two things in life, who & what she wants to be”


Any suggestions to our readers on books, podcasts, resources, social media accounts that help you become better? 

OMG YES. My client Shay has her own podcast that she just launched so check her out! Sophia Bush’s “Work in Progress” podcast. Books: “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter”Transurfing in 78 days, A practical course in creating your own reality” by Vedim Zeland. “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. Build An Empire” by Elena Cardone” Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill “Unfuck Yourself” by Gary John Bishop

If I could give anyone helpful advice, it would be to ASK FOR HELP. So many people are afraid to ask for what they want but the universe will provide what you ask it to if you have the courage to JUST ASK. Are you afraid to drive? No? Riddle me this then, if you’re not afraid to drive one of the most fatal things on the planet, then why are you afraid to make your dreams reality?

All I know is after personally speaking to Taylor for over an hour I can’t wait to have her help me put together a styled look for my next shoot. I have a bonus offer for you if this is something you need help with use code SOCIALLYSTEPH for 10% off your service with Taylor.

Connect further:

Email: taylor@taylorreneestyling.com

I am so excited to post this right now on SociallySteph.com, you have no idea. Being someone who looooves fitness, fashion, art & inspirational messages this is so exciting & I am so honored to share with you all what Becca has created. She is lighting up the fitness world one pair of leggings at a time. See for yourself here, but come back to read this awesome interview with Becca Heringer, founder of The Cosmic Project.

How did you start with the Cosmic Project. Where did you get the name from? 

My brand started all from a passion of creating art for my friends and family.  The name came about because I think of “cosmic” as something vast and imaginative. I added “project” because, quite literally, I work on many projects/commissions for different clients. I wanted to represent my brand  uniquely, and at the same time, ensure I wasn’t attaching myself to any particular medium or product. 

Why fitness/yoga apparel?

I was playing with a bunch of my prints and every time, the product that looked best and also caught my eye, were these yoga sets. They also were something that I felt people could wear everywhere – not just to a yoga class – a practical, fashionable outfit that can be mixed and matched. I love the feedback I now get. People feel bold, but also so comfortable when they’re in my sets. Once I focused mostly on the activewear, my niche naturally followed – the wellness world.

What was the process like starting an apparel line? 

To map it out…
1. Starts with some sort of inspiration
2. Sketches, Sketches and more Sketches 
3. Bringing the sketches to life on samples 
4. Ordering Samples
5. Photographing the sets
6. Posting on Instagram and my website for the world to see!

What was your biggest challenge you faced when starting? 

Figuring out what I wanted to really focus on. I was putting my prints on a bunch of different products and my website/instagram was becoming quite crowded. I’ve found that honing in to specific content leads to brand recognition and ultimately, a more targeted following. 

What or who motivated you to keep going? 

My twin sister. She has supported me since the very beginning, when I didn’t even have a clear vision of what The Cosmic Project even was. She always reminds me of why I started this in the first place – because I genuinely love to see people wearing my art. There’s nothing better than people tagging me in the yoga sets, looking confident and standing out. 

What does success mean to you? 

Being able to make a career out of my passion. And not designing based on what is trendy or “in”. I think success is staying true to yourself, your art, and your vision. 

What would a dream opportunity or collaboration look like for you? 

My dream collaboration actually just became a reality! It’s with Mel from Headstands and Heels. She’s a wellness blogger and incredible yoga teacher. She really helped with exposure in the wellness space and has taught me so much about running a business. She’s extremely creative, very organized, and super genuine. 

How has social media impacted your business from launch to now? 

People can see my artwork wherever they are and whenever they want to. I’ve reached such a wide audience that I would never have had the ability to reach without this social media platform. I also get to share my art process, which I love to do, because it shows people that what I’m designing starts small and becomes something so much bigger. 

Who are 3 people on Instagram who inspire you? 

  1. Eva Chen 
  2. Arielle Charnas (Something Navy)
  3. Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What)

What social media channel do you see giving you the greatest results? And why do you think that is?

I would say Instagram. Since my brand is very visual, pictures and videos are the best way to get out my message and show what my brand is all about. My customers love seeing my sets on different bodies and in different parts of the world! 

What are 2-3 things you had no clue about since starting your entrepreneurial journey. Anything shocking?

Marketing your brand is key! You can’t just put leggings on a hanger and say “this is  what I’ve created”. The creation goes beyond that. It’s about showing the leggings in an active setting. On the go. In different locations. In exciting places. I want people to see the sets on my Instagram and see themselves in the sets. 

Collaboration over competition. I love being inspired by such talented artists, designers, entrepreneurs, etc. When you’re open to other suggestions and you morph ideas into one, magical things can happen. 

Success doesn’t happen overnight! Stick with it. 

You’re a quote junkie like me so I have to ask, What’s a quote you love or live by daily?

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

What advice would you give someone who is looking to start an idea or passion? 

Just go for it. And do NOT give up. Practice makes perfect. You need to really work hard, believe in yourself, and surround yourself with people who encourage you along the way.

One thing that stood out to me is that the Cosmic Project helps to bring creativity into your interior and exterior world. Colorful products brought to life — made by Becca, for you! I’ll leave you with one more inspiring note from Becca herself: “Just remember; the world is your canvas.”

Right on, Becca! Your world is yours to create & I love meeting other change makers & creators who are setting out on a path they love while inspiring others to do the very same. The future is BRIGHT✨. As always if you LOVED this post share it with your friends & let’s have ourselves a great week ahead. Stay connected with me on all socials @SOCIALLYSTEPH.

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