Creating Your Dream Gym

It’s truly amazing to see the accomplishments of someone who simply believed in themselves. Meet Hank Ebeling, owner & creator of H4 Training. I can still to this day recall meeting with Hank downtown Chicago when he was working at Equinox as a trainer. He shared his vision and passion of wanting to own his own gym which I thought was amazing and today he has brought his visions to life.

Can you share with us, when did you know you wanted to open your own studio/gym?

I originally had the idea to open my own gym back in high school. At the time I thought I would focus on sport specific training as I was an athlete myself, but eventually I changed my focus.

What experiences led you to where you are now?

I had worked in numerous gyms in both Las Vegas and Chicago for about 8 years.

Do you need any certifications or education to be a fitness studio owner?

I find that it is a good idea to have a quality personal training certification for anyone in fitness. In terms of education I would recommend studying in business, marketing and sales.

When did you feel you were ready to take the leap and start?

Once I was in the industry enough to learn the best practices and strategies I figured I was ready. You are never actually ready, but at some point you need to just do it.

What was the most challenging part about starting?

I think it’s the hours you work and trying to build your business.

During the times of struggle how did you push through? Where did you look for inspiration?

The key was to never lose faith, trust in the process and have confidence. My passion for what I was doing kept me going.

What would you say are the top 3 things you should have in place before opening a gym?

You need to make sure you can open financially. That could mean personal savings or a loan. I’d highly suggest that you have studied or learned sales and marketing. Finding a mentor or someone who has done it to gain knowledge.

What is your long-term vision for H4? We noticed you’ve opened up a second location, congratulations!!

I would like to Continue to grow and expand to more locations. I also see us offering an app and more online content.

How many years did you build up your business and client base before you felt confident enough to create your own brand?

I had been personal training clients for 8 years prior.

Let’s talk health & fitness: Being a trainer yourself, what’s your #1 tip?

Consistency is king. No matter nutrition or fitness you must stay consistent if you want consistent success.

Who are 3 people on Instagram that inspire you?

@leefromamerica, @nutritionstripped, @sophiabush
It would be others in the field of fitness and business. Ed Mylett, Todd Durkin and Gunnar Peterson.

How have you used social media to leverage your business goals?

We post content daily in order to become the trusted expert source in fitness

What social media platform provides you the most success?

Instagram and Facebook

What are two main things social media has created for your brand?

Gaining exposure & building an audience.

What’s the best part of your job?

Seeing clients have success and reach their goals.

What words do you live by?

Be aggressive and go for your dreams!

Lastly, can you share the big WHY behind your business and why you set out on your own to create H4.

I simply thought there was a void in the personal training world of a quality gym in which was a comfortable environment for everyone and actually cared about their clients.
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