As your social media manager, I am dedicated to YOU. Planning content, creating content, posting and scheduling content, and engaging with your online communities. Community engagement (responding to messages, comments, reviews, etc.) plays a key role in providing great customer service online. I specialize in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Content Production

You need exceptional and one of a kind content that makes you stand out.

1:1 Coaching

One on one coaching is a great starting point for any entrepreneur. Whether you’re new in business or need a refresh this service will help you elevate your social media presence. I help you work through some of the roadblocks youโ€™ve been facing in regards to growing & managing your own presence online.

Brand Partnerships & Collaborations w/ Steph

In any partnership, itโ€™s my promise to share my authentic, real, and raw experience. No one likes fake news. Any partnerships, collaboration, or sponsorship remains within the creative control of Socially Steph, my tone of voice, and true to my opinions. Trust is the hardest thing to earn, but the easiest thing to lose, and I always stay true to who I am and only share what brings or adds value to my own life & experiences.