Solo Travel: The Best Decision Made


Should you travel solo??

Short answer: Heck YES! Remember that time when I decided on Denver to do my first solo travel? Well, good news! It was the most amazing trip and experience I’d relive over and over again. Here’s the thing: this trip took me wayyyy way  out of my comfort zone and honestly put me on top of the world. To be quite honest I never felt more energized, excited about life, passionate and fulfilled meeting new people and learning way more than I had ever expected.

Winter Park Resort

Initially, when I told people about the trip and that I was traveling alone they looked at me  like I had five heads. Was traveling solo completely out of the ordinary, scary, and uncomfortable or something? Immediately that had me thinking that this topic needs more attention and for many many reasons that I want to share with you.

Here’s what happens when you travel by yourself #solo:

  • When you travel by yourself you are much more prone to having conversations with strangers than if you’re traveling with a friend, family member or significant other. 

This is awesome! I met so many great people who I ended up staying connected with after my trip. How cool is that? You can’t get that sitting around your house or the office. You have to get the heck out into the world and make those connections, meet new people and learn from others. I learned so much about life, myself, people, business and the world flying to and from Denver than I ever would picking up a book or scrolling through social media.

  • When you travel by yourself you’re fully able to connect to the world and yourself. 

Not everyone values themselves enough to practice self-love and spend quality time with themselves … by themselves. This is okay if it’s not for you. However, I value this for me personally. Possibly, being an only child for 12 solid years of my life has taught me how to entertain myself and be okay with alone time. However, I loved having the time to see a new place, reflect on important matters in my life and gain confidence in who I was becoming. Time away from current situations or routines is greatly beneficial. Need I say more?

  • When you travel by yourself you appreciate what you have and who you have in your life even more.

Traveling by yourself is not weird, stupid, boring or lonely. Promise you! I had so many times where I messed up my plans and ended up laughing at myself. That’s what makes life interesting and fun! You also don’t forget about who and what you have back at home. When you’re away and by yourself you can relish the greatness of your life and experience higher gratitude to what you have back home and who is in your life. You’re also able to easier pinpoint what you can do without and what you need more of.

These were the three biggest learnings, amongst many many others. I would highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and booking a #solotravel trip ASAP this year.


Q: If you could take one solo travel trip and book it right now …Where would you go? Comment below!