5 Things To Start When Getting Started

I have done so much writing and never hit publish. So here’s something I wrote while I was still in my full-time, 9-5 job that left me miserable, complaining all the time and feeling unfulfilled.

Challenges are a part of life. Something I have found to be a huge challenge is when you’re working full-time, but deeply wanting to pursue something else. When you’re working a full-time job doing something you are not 100% set on or happy with it’s hard to be your true self because your true self desires the things that set your soul on fire, bring you happiness and are completely 100% YOU.

So what does this even mean … what exactly is you being you when it comes to your career? Answering this question and knowing how to get there are both very hard to navigate. So, let’s uncover 5 things you can start doing to make a positive change:

  1. ⏰Make time for your side hustle and passion projects because they matter to you and to your future.
  2. 🚀Take action on things you want to do, write, say or learn more about. If you are sitting around thinking about it then you won’t get as far as when you take  actionable steps. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your social life, relationships or full-time job either. And sometimes it does mean giving things up to get somewhere better. You have to make those choices.
  3. 🤜Make the commitment to actually start going because time is not waiting for you and the longer you wait the less further along you will be. Imagine how much further you’d be if you spent even one hour a day doing something you love or want to do more of. Find an amount that works with your current lifestyle and schedule and make it happen!
  4. 🐛Take it inch by inch because things don’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself and the process. Know that all you experience and create will add up one day.
  5. 🤪Stop overthinking it and “just do it”- Nike. I have changed my website around 100x, overthought my branding, logos, etc and the best business card you can have is yourself showing up, confident, committed and passionate. Don’t sweat the small stuff & begin to see what can really come your way once you go for it!

So share with me in the comments. What is something you’re working on? It doesn’t always have to be entrepreneurial or a side hustle, it can be you at your job place right now wanting to excel to the next step. I always just wish that you do the things you love, the things that set your heart on fire and make yourself better – because that to me is what life is about!

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