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Have you ever met someone and connected with them on so many levels it was like, WOW are we related?? Well, that’s basically what happened when I connected with Samantha Schmuck. Initially we met though Instagram and then when I took a solo travel trip out to Denver, Colorado we met for a morning coffee chat. How cool is that? Samantha is seriously awesome and very knowledgable in the health & wellness field. She is a certified Health Coach and this interview unlocks how you too can start and be on your way to becoming a health coach, yourself. Here we go!!

When did you decide to take the leap into health coaching and what was your motivation behind it?

It was about an eight year journey to discovering Health Coaching, but I took the leap in 2013. I was planning to go through a chiropractic program at Life University, but I had to finish or be so far into a bachelor’s degree first before I could be accepted into the program. I started with a biology degree, because that was the fastest path into the Doctoral program, but as soon as I got accepted into the program I deferred a quarter. I kept working on my biology degree and then deferred beginning the chiropractic program another quarter. I finally had to be real with myself and see why I was deferring exactly.

Something within me told me it wasn’t the right path. I could always come back to it later, but I didn’t want to enter the program and become so in debt if I wasn’t 100% confident. I switched my bachelor to Health Coaching and never looked back!

What was the most challenging part starting out as a health coach?

For me it was learning how to fuse my personal history and transformation I had undergone with my coaching skills to figure out who I could best be of service to.

There are so many avenues you can take as a Health Coach that are “safe”, meaning if something is a popular topic and many people want what you offer like weight loss. Coaching is a field where you really bring your full self to it and if your heart and soul aren’t connected to a certain topic or area then you may have difficulty figuring out what to talk about, what to post, where your ideal client is, etc. and be frustrated when your business isn’t building at a pace that correlates to the effort you’ve put into it. This was exactly what happened to me until I dug a little deeper and found how much I love to work with entrepreneurs and individual brands to discover their voice and create content that gets their clients results.

For someone starting as a health coach, What’s your best tip?

Be patient and be willing to go out of your comfort zone often.

We’d LOVE to know, what’s one thing you LOVE about being a health coach?

All the possibility it can open up for someone. It is so cool to see someone’s eyes light up as they have these realizations about themselves. There really is nothing like witnessing someone fully embody who they truly are. 

How has your childhood and background influenced you today?

Oh wow, so many ways! My parents are small business owners and I grew up as a competitive gymnast, both of which I feel have influenced me tremendously today. My parents instilled an insurmountable work ethic in my siblings and I, which was only further supported through the discipline I learned in gymnastics. I feel like the entrepreneurial mindset was ingrained in me all throughout childhood as I often heard them talking about various aspects of their business. Then my entire career path today was forged through finding a way to heal the injuries that occurred during my last year as a gymnast as well as the aftermath I experienced from that transition. I can definitely say my childhood had a HUGE influence on me!

Thinking long-term: What is your vision for your health coaching business?

There is a really fun shift on the horizon and I can’t wait to announce all of the details soon, BUT I can share that I am adding an additional service to my business which is content coaching. I am a curriculum developer as well and I LOVE to help coaches turn their unique life experience and coaching skills into unique VIP programs for their niche.

For the Health Coaching side, it is to directly or indirectly inspire hundreds of thousands of people over my life time to take action and revive a part or all of their life. When we are healthier, we are happier. When we are happier, we are kinder. When we each make the decision to get healthy, we inadvertently inspire someone around us to do the same. That can spread like wild fire and make the world a better place.

Speaking of visions: How have you used social media to leverage your business goals?

In the last six years I have lived in four different states. It can be really difficult to build a business when you are moving that much, but thankfully social media has allowed me to continue to build awareness about what I do despite the many moves. These days I coach predominantly over the phone or on zoom, which can feel isolating at times when you aren’t connecting in person. I love that social media still allows me to feel a sense of connection to people from all over the world especially through live video.

Share: What social media platform provides you the most success?

I originally went to school to learn fashion photography so I love that Instagram is a highly visual platform. It is the most fun platform for me to post on as well as find other like-minded entrepreneurs to collaborate with.

What are 3 things social media has helped you accomplish more of in your personal brand?

  1. Connect with people all around the world and build conversation about different topics. 
  2. Meet new friends and people to collaborate with. 
  3. Inspiration + Accountability. 

Who are 3 people on Instagram that inspire you?

  1. @leefromamerica
  2. @nutritionstripped
  3. @sophiabush

As a coach we need to know, What’s your #1 fitness OR health tip?

If I could ONLY pick one that would serve both, it would be to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Water is so crucial in the body and so many of us are constantly dehydrated. This can lead to headaches, constipation, sore or cramping muscles, brain fog, etc.

& lastly … What words do you live by?

Your thoughts become your reality. This is helpful for me if I am having a lot of negative self-talk one day. It allows me to tap into what I most want to create and remove the negative story that I might be allowing to run the show instead.

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16 thoughts on “Health Coaching With Revived Living

  1. I am also a health coach, and what inspired me to become a heath coach was my own health. I was having serious gastrointestinal problems and the doctors answer was remove the gall bladder. I started my journey and healed myself through food. While healing my husband joined and lost 100 lbs. We became the healthyfitcouple and I became a health coach to help others live a happy healthy life.

  2. “Your thoughts become your reality.” – powerful and true. Drinking enough water is always a challenge for me even though I know how important it is. My favourite trick is to add some lemon, so it’s a little less bland.

  3. This is such a great post and I learned a lot from reading this article. I do agree with what she said that ” your thoughts become your reality and that is all true it’s happened to me most of the time.

  4. Being a health coach seems to be so hard. I am not really a health conscious person but reading this inspires me so much.

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us! Health Coaching is a great career choice in this day and age. It is especially great that it is something you enjoy doing. More power to you!

  6. I love her tip about staying hydrated. I think I’m pretty bad at it so it’s something I’m trying to work on!

  7. Another lovely interview! What an interesting career path Samantha had, it is inspiring how she found her way to becoming a health coach.

  8. This is so cool to read about. The health and fitness industry is booming! I think it’s great that people can make careers out of the things they are truly passionate about.

  9. I need to live by your #1 tip a lot more. I’m terribly notorious for not drinking enough water. If you’re not used to drinking a lot, you really do need to work on it daily like you would with any habit, but I think this is one that is well worth the time and energy for the benefits!

  10. I think it’s great you are a health coach. It seems to be going really well for you. Your water tip is always my go-to tip when people ask me how i got in shape too!

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