Learn From The Co-Founder of Fitness Platform, Moviing

Short back story here. I met Allison when I was on a trip in Fort Lauderdale, she reached out to me asking to be a part of Moviing as a group fitness instructor. Of course, if you know me, it was a hard YES, but I realized I had to take some time to learn how to brave the challenge of videoing myself & my workouts for others. So, I’m on the verge of getting started, but in the meantime I want to share with you what Moviing is all about. Here we are meeting with Allison herself, the Co-Founder of Moviing. Let’s get the conversation started:

Where did you get the inspiration to start??

First of all, I am a fitness fanatic! I have my favorite instructors, classes, studios etc. Before moving to London, where I live now, I used to live in NYC for a few years. I had my daily workout routines with the instructors and classes I loved! When I moved to London I had such a hard time finding classes and instructors that I liked as much.. so it was a real pain for me. I kept on wondering, how can I still workout with the instructors I love and go to my favorite classes I used to go to while being in London..? That’s how I thought of the idea of Moviing

What was the process like getting started?

A year after I moved to London I wanted to lean how to code. My background was in publishing and marketing, but I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I figured that learning how to code would definitely help me especially in the digital world we now live in. I then decided to enroll in a four months coding bootcamp called Le Wagon. During this program I met my business partner Theo who had the same aspirations as I did. We ended up teaming up for our final project and created a website that was then the first version of Moviing – at the time called Socialive TV.

As an Instructor, what are 3 benefits to using Moviing?

1) Monetizing Instructors’ Content online: As an instructor, monetizing your online videos is hard!
a. Traditional websites who own/buy your content keep most of the revenue. Monetizing on YouTube is close to impossible. Selling videos on your own website yields only short term revenues. Having clients pay a monthly membership for your own program is tough (unless you’re Kayla Itsines! 😯)

“We’re here to change that”

What instructors want from their online classes is a long term recurring revenue stream. Our instructors’ commissions are highest than our competitors’ because we value our instructors and know that without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. It is key for us to offer incentives.

2) We handle the annoying stuff while helping instructors grow! We provide instructors with a platform on which they can add as many videos and teach as many live classes as they want for FREE. We also handle everything a yoga or fitness instructor doesn’t want to be bothered with: payments, website maintenance/ costs etc.. We constantly promote our instructors through our newsletters, social media accounts and run several marketing campaigns equally promoting instructors individually. Our users are from all over the world therefore we enable our instructors to gain world wide exposure! 💯

3) Being part of a community of talented instructors from all around the world. As a marketplace, we gather the resources of a fast growing community of instructors and studios while rewarding everyone fairly. Our instructors are some of the most recognized in the industry worldwide. As an instructor you are able to benefit from that community, reach out to other instructors and benefit from one another. Research has shown that people are more inclined to sign up to a platform on which they can find diversity in their workouts. As a matter of fact, a user will be more inclined to sign up to a platform that offers different classes, from different instructors, and from different disciplines. The diversity of world class instructors in our community is what makes Moviing so unique and attractive to users.  

As a subscriber, what are 3 benefits to using Moviing?

1) Benefit from a diversity of classes. 💯Most online fitness & yoga platforms don’t offer a variety of different classes. They are often only focused on one discipline for example yoga, barre, meditation, HIIT etc.. Moviing is a 360 platform – users pay $19/month & for that price they get to practice meditation, yoga, sculpt, barre, dance cardio & more!! Our monthly subscription fee is less than the price of one class at a boutique studio in NYC! 

2) Our instructors are the best at what they do! We’re lucky to work with the some of the most respected instructors in the industry. Some of our instructors are either celebrity trainers or have years and years of training in their disciplines. They are pros at what they do so you’re guaranteed a good sweat 🙂 Our instructors are from all around the world: US, France, Bali, London, Austria, South America etc.. so as a user you gets a taste of all kinds of different methods and trainings. 

3) New content weekly!! You’re never bored! Our instructors upload new content on a weekly basis so we keep you guessing & never burning out.

What makes Moviing different from joining a gym, studio or online fitness community??

We have different profiles of Moviing subscribers. We have stay at home Moms that don’t have the time to go to the gym and are happy to workout from home at the time of their choice on Moviing.

Others, are working girls who can’t find the time during the day to go to a physical gym so they manage to fit a Moviing workout at home either early in the morning before work or after work and ever sometimes AT work in a conference room!

A lot of our users also use Moviing a lot when they travel so they can continue working out while being on vacation or on business trips.

Moviing workouts are tailored to be convenient, they can be done without equipment and from a space as small as a hotel room. We offer on Moviing online classes that are expensive at physical studios/gyms.

If you were to take most of our instructors’ classes IRL (for ex: Amanda Kloots , Sara Ticha, Perspirology, POPfit etc)  classes range from $25-$40/class which is higher than a Moviing monthly subscription!

We enable yoga & fitness fanatics to get access to the most exclusive yoga & fitness classes from all around the world at an affordable price. 

What inspired the name: Moviing?

Haha we did change names a few month ago! Our original name was Socialive TV and we are now called Moviing. We believed that Moviing was a good way to cover all of the disciplines offered on our platform – from barre, yoga, sculpt, dance cardio, HIIT etc – all involve movement.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Our biggest challenge has been to make sure we also create a community and not just a website on which you can find workout videos. We’ve developed strong ties with each of our instructors, speak on a daily basis to our users to get their feedback and improve their experience. We’ve had users meet instructors IRL and users connecting with one another to talk about their experience on Moviing. The sense of community is very important to us and is not always easy to put in place which is why it has been our biggest challenge in our journey to starting Moviing.

What’s the future of Moviing?

Hummm well I can’t reveal too much about it, but our plan is to include verticals to our website that would add on to our users’ experience. I can give you one clue.. it has something to do with nutrition! 👏

What social media platform is helping you most right now?

Without a doubt: Instagram!

Has social media been an effective tool for your growth?

OMG yessss so muchhh!! We found instructors via social media, we had others reaching out to us via social media too. We are using social media to grow our user base and connect with our users too.

Can you share with us 3 Instagram accounts that inspire you.

@gabbybernstein 🌟 @tanyazuckerbrot 🌟 @lightfulyogini2.0

What’s your favorite way to spend time off work?

I love traveling so whenever I have some time off I like to spend it traveling to new places 🙂

What advice would you give someone starting a business?

When starting a business you do have some highs, but lots of LOWS! So don’t give up, work hard but always make time during the day, even if it’s just 20min, to focus on yourself, meditate, or workout – I promise this is what’s going to keep yourself together!

I hope you enjoyed this one & I look forward to partnering with Moviing as an instructor. If anyone has great video editing skills please contact me 😆.