Fierce45: A New Studio in Denver

More fierce than Beyonce … well, that’s at least how I felt after completing a work out at Fierce45. Wow guys, I found the holy grail of working out in the most efficient and best way possible. I can’t believe how amazing and effective this work out is. I kid you not, in one session my stomach became more defined, my energy was uplifted and I felt 10x stronger even one week after taking the class. When I found Fierce45 on Instagram (Nice one, @sociallysteph) I had an immediate attraction and felt that I needed to try it. So what did I do? I flew out to Denver!! Now, I really also did want to explore Denver as well, but Fierce45 was on top of my list. 

What is Fierce45??

“Denvers coolest high intensity pilates studio.” What they left out is the shaking, burning, instant muscle changing workout part. It’s not just a work out, it’s a way of life. I never felt better in my life after attending one of these classes.

If you look up Fierce45 you’ll see that they have “perfected the art of high-intensity Pilates to bring you the best full-body workout ever. Utilizing their one-of-a-kind resistance machine and body weight exercises, each session provides the most effective cardio, strength, and muscle toning exercises possible. With heart-pumping music that matches your sky-high heart rate and your #FierceFam sweating next to you, your body and mind will drop into a meditation in no time.”

100% true. Their concept is high intensity and low impact, completed all in 45-minutes. The exercises incorporated are slow and controlled with continuous tension and quick transitions. The effectiveness you get comes from the range of motion through slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. It’s a complete full-body workout with 45- minutes of strength, cardio, balance, endurance and flexibility exercises. Their main goal is to keep you in your fat burning zone for the entire duration of class to build leaner, longer muscles.

You’ll leave feeling even more aligned, mindful and with no stress to your joints or spine. You will sweat, your muscles will tremble, don’t believe me? Go try it for yourself.

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