Deciding on Denver

In January of 2017 I went on a snowboarding trip to Breckenridge and immediately fell in love with everything Colorado had to offer. The crisp air, fresh environment, open nature and calm feelings left me feeling like I belonged there. When I returned back to Chicago I would wake up wondering where the mountains were and feeling extremely deprived of the beauty that was left in Breck. I was so intrigued and interested in Colorado that I started looking at jobs out there and actually landed a great interview with the opportunity to fly out and meet the team, the salary was great and it all sounded good to me. There were a few things that kept me from moving forward at that time in my life. I was hesitant and not ready. I passed on the opportunity. However, that left me with an urge to still see Denver for myself and on my own time. Flash forward to November, I was still procrastinating taking a solo trip out there. Until, the day came and I no longer felt like waiting or thinking about it. I pressed purchase on my flights and did it.

Immediately, I felt scared, nervous, excited, regretful and wanted my money back. This was a huge step, that took me a whopping 8 months to book. Holy shit! Here I am, tickets purchased and no set plans of where I am even staying yet. As I went on with my normal work day in the back of my mind I knew I could get a full-refund within 24-hours so that kept me feeling better about my somewhat spontaneous decision. As the day went on I felt better about my decision and even more excited to embark on this adventure by myself. YOLO SOLO!

The next day rolled around and cancelling my trip did cross my mind, however, the regret of not going left me feeling worse. I had to do this for myself and everything in my being was telling me I absolutely needed to do this. I had to listen to my heart on this one. I have no idea what this trip could bring or how it will make me feel, but I am completely open to experiencing it. The challenge itself lies in traveling solo.

I plan to use this short weekend to check out a few fitness studios that have my interest, explore, relax and possibly connect with a few people if there’s time. Have you ever taken a solo trip?

I’ll be sharing more of my experience in Denver as I travel. Stay tuned! 🙂

Think about this:

What’s something you’re afraid to do?

What’s holding you back from doing all that you love?

What’s one baby step you can take today to make a positive change?