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If you never try, you’ll never know. A few years ago when I was working in corporate I thought I wanted to change careers and be a travel writer.

This idea of travel & writing was weighing heavy on my mind. The only way I knew I’d get a taste of this was to actually try it myself. I booked my first ever solo travel trip to Denver and I used this as a way to see if this is something I can picture myself doing long term. I did my best to envision what this career life would be like. Constant travel, writing about different destinations, and getting paid opportunities to travel seemed so fun to me.

However, once I put myself into “pretending” to be a travel writer I realized a few things immediately. 1. I don’t want to document every thing I do while traveling because I want to enjoy the moments traveling freely. 2. Traveling is a helluva lot of work and sitting in airports ain’t my thang. Ya feel me? I’ll just stick to vacations.

Shortly after that trip I ended up back on the beach in Fort Lauderdale where I came up with the idea to create Initially, I thought I’d weave in my travels to this site along with style, wellness & business. Just a few months ago actually I was accepted into RewardSTYLE & LikeToKnowIt. I was excited to be able to leverage this platform and pair it with @SociallySteph. One thing I learned right off the bat is this is sharing style is not the focus of Socially Steph.

While I had fun in this moment I realized the extra work in being part of a platform that only gives you such little commission was not worth my time or energy. Style is something I personally love, but I don’t want it to be something I am having to share constantly. To be successful in any area of life in business you need consistency & love for what you’re creating. If style happens to fall into what I do great but it’s not my main concern. Check out my first LikeToKnowIt post here:

I believe the only way you’ll ever figure out what you essentially want to do and who you want to become is to simply try. Try it all. Do the things that light you up and in those moments you’ll only gain more clarity and get closer to that AHA moment where you’re like, THIS IS IT! What have you been longing to try but push to the side?

If I were your coach I’d urge that you try, try, try and try again. The more you try the better you become overall and you’ll get to learning what you path you want to take. I hope this post was helpful for you. Here’s to trying more things, together.

At the end of every year I look back and reflect on everything – from happy moments & gains to learnings & failures. 2019 hold some of the happiest days of my life: Our wedding (5/11/19), an amazing honeymoon to Greece & continuing to build my business, blog and online community. With some of the happiest days there was much sadness, hardship and personal growth to get there.

This year I’ve felt lost, confused, uncertain, and more confident all at the same time in this path I have chosen. Being an entrepreneur & planning a wedding have been two of the biggest challenges this year. Both brought so much joy, anxiety and stress. It’s hard to explain this in words and one post alone so I am considering the next best route for my brand to go is PODCASTING. I look forward to plugging this thing in come 2020. Be sure to stay tuned for future episodes.

I try my very best to be 100% real & authentic with everyone that visits any corner of my space online because I am someone who speaks truth & I appreciate when people show up as they are, instead of trying to be someone else. 2019 for me was a mix of going after my goals and keeping myself stuck in a variety of ways. It’s not always easy to show up in a public space online, but I do very much so enjoy sharing my happiness & love of life with you. Naturally I am a sharing type, but I do believe there needs to be boundaries set when it comes to privacy.

 I always have so much to say and it sits in my notes 👎 that makes me legit sad to even say. But I tend to get stuck in being consistent with my own pages because I am producing so much for others, however, that’s an excuse I am looking to kick next year. We must always make time for the things we want in our life to manifest. I owe it to myself to become the best version of myself, and so do YOU!

Honestly, what is @SociallySteph if she isn’t creating & sharing it with the world showing you that you too can achieve a life & business you love.

2020 is the time to stop with excuses or worrying what anyone will think about YOU, your life & what you’re going after. Unless they’re paying your bills, their opinions don’t matter. ✋ Moving into 2020 I know: ⁣

I’m still chasing my career in 👟…⁣⁣

I’m still working my booty off …⁣⁣

I’m still dedicated as ever to my craft… ⁣

I’m still going even when I want to give up …⁣⁣

I’m still taking risks and challenging myself …⁣⁣

This is what I love💕 . This is what I’ve chosen & created. Is it always easy? HECK NO! ⁣

The only way to grow and learn is to throw yourself into it. Refuse to go another 365 days holding yourself back. Step into a life you love and desire.


What’s your mantra for 2020? ⁣⁣Leave it below in the comments.


May 11th, 2019 was one of the most fun & special days in our life together. The day we said “I do” to forever ♾. Our love is so powerful & transcending. I truly am the luckiest girl! A huge thank you to our amazing families and friends who made our wedding day so incredibly special and memorable. We had the time of our lives and we’re so fortunate to share our love with everyone we love so much. Best. Day. Ever.

The Proposal
Marriot Harbor Beach Hotel
May 3rd, 2017

The Rehearsal Dinner
Francesca’s Amici
Elmhurst, IL
May 9, 2019

The Ceremony
Visitation Church
Elmhurst, IL
Together we both made our confirmation here & now the sacrament of marriage. This was really important for us to make our vows here.
May 11, 2019

The Reception/Accommodations
Loews Hotel
Rosemont, IL

The Wedding Dress
Martina Liana, one of a kind. Designed & created by me combining a few different dress styles.

The Jewelry
Enzee Earrings
Bracelet is also Enzee Boutique

The Shoes
Nina Shoes (I wore these for my shower & wedding because I love the style & comfort) … and later I busted out these NIKE cyrstal shoes.

The Bridesmaids’ Dresses
Biju Bridal in Oak Brook in “Pewter”

The Photographer
This is Feeling Photo & Video
This Is Feeling

The Photo booth
This is Feeling Photo & Video
This Is Feeling

Cake Chicago
Cake Chicago

Little Shop on The Prairie
Little Shop on The Prairie

Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup
SLT Makeup Artistry

Bride hair
Ten Friends Blow-Dry Bar & Style House
Ten Friends

Our Wedding Song

“Is that alright” by Lady Gaga.

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