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Flavor. Quality. Healthy. These are our top three priorities when producing our beef. Sounds good to me! What do you think? If you’re a health conscious & wellness driven individual you’ll want to learn more about this. Let’s dive in to my conversation with Founder, Gabrielle Crumley, as we go into depth on how Beef Box started & why you should seriously give it a try, yourself.

What was the inspiration of driving factor behind your mission of, “changing the way people buy beef?”

Right now most people don’t know where their beef comes from. They go down to their local supermarket or butcher and purchase what is available, that beef could be from cattle raised from another country like Brazil or Nambia because of the lack of country of origin labeling requirements we don’t know. At Beef Box we’re trying to help people reconnect with their food by knowing where it comes from, how it was raised, and the fact that it never leaves our ranch allows our customers to feel confident knowing exactly where their beef is from. 

What inspired or motivated you to start Beef Box? 
When we started our cattle ranch we quickly found trying to support the herd through the traditional marketing methods of selling weaned calves to finishers was never going to work. We started selling our beef locally allowing people to order a 1/2 or whole beef. However, I spoke to so many people who wanted to purchase from us but didn’t have enough freezer space, or enough cash to purchase a 1/2 cow all at once. So I started thinking about how I could solve those problems, and that is where I came up with the idea of Beef Box. 

What was the most challenging part of starting the process? 
The most challenging part was finding a USDA certified butcher near us that could process our beef. We ended up finding one 2.5 hours away that we were able to get our first group processed at so we could get started. 

What are the main things you’ve learned so far in your entrepreneurial journey? 
Always stay adaptable.

Business is constantly changing, the best thing you can do is stay flexible and adapt with the changes. 

Build a relationship with your customers whenever you can. A personal touch speaks volumes. 

Be patient. Growing a business takes time, don’t give up because the launch didn’t go as you hoped. If you believe in what you are doing just keep going it will work in time. 

When things get tough, what’s your best advice for someone reading? 
Be patient. Tough times are just a season, it will pass, everything will be ok, just keep doing the small things you know you need to do to continue to grow your business. 

When it comes to marketing Beef Box what is your current strategy? 
We currently utilize social media and our email list to connect with our customers. Our strategy is to gain customers through education, and transparency. The more we can help teach people about what we do, why we do it, and share with them what we are doing the more we can help people connect back to the food they consume. 

Has social media helped or impacted your business in a positive way? 

In the times of our current economy and with a pandemic, what has changed for your business? What advice would you give someone in the food industry or businesses in your similar space?
Yes, the pandemic did initially help our business quiet a bit. With stores running out of food people were looking for alternatives which is where we came in. I would say, work to keep your products in stock, get creative and do what you can to provide remote delivery. Now more than ever people want to know where their food comes from and if they can get it shipped directly to them that’s even better! 11. What have you had to shift or change in your current business with all that’s happening in our world? We didn’t have to shift much honestly, when everything hit our sales significantly increased. We have had to switch shipping companies because of the delays in shipping from COVID-19 but besides that we didn’t have to do much. 

Why should someone choose your product over something else in the store? 
The main reason is because when they buy from us they know exactly where the meat was raised. We keep detailed records about everything that happened during that steers life so we can ensure our customers our meat is antibiotic and hormone-free, and humanely raised. We have a small cattle herd, which means no animal gets overlooked. We make sure each one is well taken care of and lives the best life possible. 

What differentiates you from every other competitor or standard beef supplier? Let’s talk health benefits! 
Our beef is 100% grass-fed and finished which means our beef is leaner, has more flavor, and is higher in key nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, and beneficial fats that have been tied to improved immunity and anti-inflammation benefits.

Where can we stay connected with you online? 
You can subscribe to our email list via our website – or follow us on Instagram at

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Who else is a big fan of podcasts? Me Me Me 🤚 !!! Possibly you haven’t been able to catch every podcast I’ve been on thus far so here’s your chance to listen in. Not only do I believe there is some awesome & value insight here, but the podcast’s themselves are amazing & people whom I can now call friends of mine. Truly, ever since I started being a guest on podcasts I learned the power of true online connection. It’s easy to like a post, respond to someone’s blog and reply back in an email but nothing is like getting to learn about people’s stories & journey through podcasting. So let’s stop talking & get to listening:

This episode is more than a conversation. It is a powersation of Stephanie and I revealing all of our truths from social media, and how Stephanie was able to create a 10,000,000+ interaction base with a company that had not had a social media in 98 years! 

Female Empowerment, Personal Development, Health & Wellness


In this episode, Stephanie and I discuss everything social media, entrepreneurship, and the power of belief. If you’re ready to take the big leap or just want to elevate your social media brand, this episode is for you!

Staying True To YourSelf With Socially Steph


We kick this off with my good friend Stephanie and discuss how staying true to yourself can help you avoid distractions and help you find a clearer path to happiness.

Stephanie is the founder of Socially Steph, a fitness trainer and a huge believer in living an authentic, passion filled life! Reach out to her on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn at @SociallySteph.


Which show was your favorite so far? There’s more to come & when they’re live I’ll be sure to add them here. Stay tuned & as always, keep shining!!

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Two years ago I was invited into Baird & Warner to present myself & services as Socially Steph. 👋 “Socially Steph is going to present in 10 minutes,” she said over the mic. I sat there laughing out loud (LOL 😂 ) with the agents whom I was about to teach Instagram Stories & Facebook Ads too. I couldn’t believe something was coming to life here. It felt like a business was truly being born & indeed it was.

I walked out of there confident, happy & excited. I had my very first Real Estate client and that morning I can still remember the feeling of truly CREATING something on my own.

Every Monday, I taught my group fitness class at LA Fitness at the time. This is what I call my “happy hour” 😃 because it truly is one of the best things in the world to uplift people’s mood, spirit, mindset & health. It’s a huge passion of mine and led me to create ELEV8workout.

Later that evening, I’ll never forget it or the text I received from my Dad at 10:47pm. “Steph, come to the hospital. I don’t think Grandpa is going to make it.”

My Grandpa had been fighting stage 4 prostate cancer for 7+ years and he was the definition of true strength. He had fought hard not only in his own business at Chicago Studio City, but for his life. Every day.

It was hard to think that Monday, June 26th would be the last day I ever saw him. The last minutes with him felt like a blurr and I caught myself thinking about life as I watched my Grandpa slowly pass and leave me.

My biggest inspiration, one of my greatest teachers, listeners & advice givers. Someone whom I loved so deeply & made me feel like the biggest brightest light in the room – was gone. I held onto his hand tightly as he gave his last breath. I was in awe that earlier that day was the highest of highs and then I reached my lowest of lows (ever).

Socially Steph was born the same day my Grandpa died & every client win, every time I self doubt myself, every blessing that comes my way I think of him. He is there for me every step of this journey and that is something I am grateful for. Before he passed he left me with some wise words when I was feeling stuck. He said, Steph,

“Whatever you put your energy into you’ll be successful”

Supporting entrepreneurs and brands is what I have set out to do and love doing. My business is not just a business, it’s my heart, energy, passion & it’s here to serve you so that you can shine brighter on & offline. 🌟 #thefutureisBRIGHT

I was fortunate enough to attend Women EmpowerX in Fort Lauderdale, FL and I am super impressed by the impact it’s made on me already. For starters, Women EmpowerX is a premier event for Female Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Executives. Founded on the values of collaboration over competition and created by Alexa Carlin.  

Alexa Carlin is a nationally renowned public speaker, Founder & CEO of Women Empower X (WEX), and Creator of Alexa Founded the Women Empower X in 2016 after noticing a need for a national event to connect like-minded women who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

This event brings together the most powerful and inspiring women with a focus on providing the knowledge, tools and community to help take their business and life to the next level. At WEX you’ll be able to learn from industry experts, network with entrepreneurs and change-makers, discover tools to grow your business, and feel empowered to create a positive change.

From personal experience I am feeling so grateful to have met such amazing women who shared with me all different paths & stories they have created. In this blog post I want to share a few inspirational words & takeaways I took from my day at #WEXFTL. Follow @SociallySteph on Twitter to capture it all in real-time.

Alexa Carlin & Socially Steph finally meet offline!

Words of Wisdom from #WEXFTL:

“Entrepreneurs make something out of nothing.”

“Follow your JOY when you’re creating your brand or business. That’s where you will excel.”


“If you walk, talk & act like everyone else, you will not stand out!”

“Focus on a message you can consistently communicate.”

“One idea. One connection. One action step” – Alexa Carlin

“Follow your JOY when you’re creating your brand or business. That’s where you will excel.”

“If people reject you it means they’re not your people. Recognize you’re not here for everyone & that’s OK!”

Catch more of this on @SOCIALLYSTEPH

Leave your favorite piece of wisdom in the comments & take one with you into your business or life this week.

When Sam asked if she could interview me it was a hard YAAASSS! I realized how valuable the questions she asked me are & I’ve always felt interviews were a great source of knowledge. There is so much opportunity in this world to constantly be learning and improving upon, nothing is ever perfect, but that’s the beauty of the entrepreneurial journey. Love the awesome questions she asked me here on how I started Socially Steph LLC. Keep reading … 😃

Q: When did you “discover” your love for social media for brand building?

STEPH: In college, I was working front desk for The Dailey Method in my city and they always asked for my suggestions on their social media marketing. Along with many other businesses always picked my brain on this. My parents have owned businesses from car washes to restaurants to a beauty salon & I always enjoyed helping my family with their own branding & social media management. I have always had an eye for creative & it’s something that lights me up. I have a ton of fun in this space which is why I love it. Having fun in what you do is super important to me.

Q: What led up to the creation of Socially Steph? (past jobs, etc)

STEPH: Socially Steph came about in 2017 when I was working in corporate land & desired to be more creative. I wanted to start writing more and creating things I love. I also enjoyed interviewing people who started something they love and empowering others to do the same. I felt the name really resonated with what I was creating being more social with brands, businesses and people. My career path had also been deeply rooted in the social media space for 9 years. The name just felt like me and that’s the best route to go when branding yourself, in my opinion. It has to come from your heart and always be genuine.

I had dreamed of meshing what I love into a career but I never found the right company and one day it hit me that I could create my own company and be in a space that helps me to thrive 💫 vs. drag me down. 

After I up and quit my 9-5 a month later, I took an opportunity to present myself at a real estate agency and I was being called “Socially Steph” on the microphone across the company … I actually started laughing out loud because I didn’t think anyone would take me as “Socially Steph” serious, but they loved it!! The presentation went great and I got my first client off the bat. That same Monday evening I went to teach my group fitness class and found out my Grandpa was in extremely bad shape, he ended up passing away right in front of my very eyes & holding my hand till his last breath. This moment was life changing for me. Never had I experienced death and how could this be? My business was born the same day my grandpa passed away. I was extremely overwhelmed. He left me with this in which I carry with me daily,

“Whatever you put your energy into you’ll be successful.”

Energy is in everything we do and it’s the first thing that introduces you before you even speak a word. I believe it’s super important in all aspects of our life and career.

Q: While you were working in corporate America, you also taught group fitness classes. How has fitness played a role in your life? This seems like maybe the first “step” into entrepreneurship for you…

STEPH: YESSSS!!!! I have been teaching fitness also since 2010. When I left my job I actually launched both ELEV8 my group fitness class & Socially Steph LLC and ironically they both made the same amount in month one. ELEV8 is a group training class comprised of cardio, strength, yoga & meditation. The one thing I felt challenged with was not having a focus.

Once I took a trip to New York it kinda hit me that I needed to choose my career right now around the lifestyle I wanted. My dreams of owning a fitness studio started to fade and exploring Socially Steph became more interesting to me. I enjoyed that I can still get my work done and be anywhere in the world. I love to be able to see new things and travel so at this point in my life I didn’t want the overhead of a studio to hold me down in one location.  

Q: Can you talk more about the process of creating your own group fitness program?

STEPH: The process was simple. I have a strong background in gymnastics starting at age 3 and many years of hardcore training. In HS I decided to move into dance & then I actually trained for a fitness competition. Fitness has always been a huge part of who I am. When I attended College at Elmhurst College I also received my 200 hour RYT from Corepower. After accepting a group fitness position with La Fitness I realized I really had my own sequence I created.

From there I was gaining a small following of women and they had been asking me to teach more and more I felt the only thing that made sense was to rent a space and provide more opportunity for them to take class with me. So I tried that whole thing. I wouldn’t say it failed, but I just didn’t have the focus or time to execute it like I would. I did decide to put that on hold and focus on Socially Steph LLC. I’ve thought of other ways in which that part of my life or business can come to life in the future. But, we can’t do it all at the same time.  

Q: What were the fears in taking that leap of quitting your corporate job?

STEPH: Losing my insurance was on my mind, a steady income and that’s about it. I didn’t see it as losing much because I don’t want to life my life with regrets of not trying. I had all the confidence in knowing I can create something greater or bigger, but it’s a scary move to make. You’re placing all bets on yourself and its’ only you day in and day out. Before I really took the dive I was still jumping on phone calls with recruiters and that brought even more clarity that I really wanted to start my own businesses. All of my experiences have really been a huge blessing for me in my life and my energy has constantly led me into the right direction.

Q: What are some of the things you thought would be different than they actually are in this new entrepreneurship journey? Reality vs. Expectation?

STEPH: You have to be driven, disciplined, willing to learn and it’s important to always tap into your intuition. I expected this to be challenging, but I didn’t expect how mentally draining it can all be and the amount of hats you have to wear was many more than I ever thought. I didn’t take a business class, I just dove in. It’s a lot of self teaching and learning that it’s okay to ask for help is a good reminder for anyone.

Q: How do you disconnect from social you find it necessary?

STEPH: Oh yes, it’s extremely important to find balance with technology and social media. I find the more and more it grows we need more education for ways in which you need to take action in your own life. It starts with awareness and knowing when it’s actually consuming too much of your life and wrecking havoc more than making you happy. It’s super hard for me being in the social media space, but I have learned that no matter what business you’re in – health is the real wealth. So knowing when you’ve crossed that line and it’s affecting your sleep or body has become so apparent. 

Q: What are some of your best social media tips for anyone trying to build their brand? I know you talk a lot about not stressing over the follower count and I LOVE that.

STEPH: Be yourself, use the space to connect vs trying to gain the wrong attention or mass followers (don’t buy your followers because there’s absolutely no ROI in that.) I really stress the importance to my own clients about why we’re on social media which is mainly to build exposure, build strong connections, communicate, share educational and valuable information, and grow a community; which would take years to do if you stood outside right now on the street yelling at people about your service. It’s an extremely important tool you can be leveraging right now if done right.

 Q: What is the best piece of advice you can give to the STRONGirl community?

STEPH: Do what lights you up in life & shine bright! Surround yourself with good energy and trust yourself, you know more than you think! The key to getting ahead is getting started. Let’s do more things we love ❤️. That’s it peeps!

Hey, so there you have it! Awesome questions by Sam & I hope you enjoyed the Q&A. Let me know in the comments what stood out or what resonated with you. I’d love to hear from you.

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