10 Valuable Messages From Blogher 2018

Is there something deep inside of you that you’re dying to do? Maybe it’s living abroad, picking up a new hobby or climbing Mt. Everest. For me, I have been wanting to attend Blogher creators summit for years. But what happens when we have these desires and ideas? We don’t always act on them right away. Life gets in the way, bills, priorities, relationships, work etc. We can all write a laundry list I am sure. However, if timing is on your side you just gotta kick up the dirt and GO!

That’s what happened. It was smack dab in my face and I knew deep down I needed to be there. So what did I do? I booked it! I didn’t care too much about what it was going to cost me to get there or how to navigate my way around New York City. I was determined and knew I belonged there. I was confident the investment of my time and money would be well worth it. 💯

After attending that couldn’t be more true. My experience was unreal, absolutely amazing and everything I imagined + more! I literally felt like I found my tribe and people who get me. What better thing to have in life? I am someone who is all about positive environments and communities and this right here my friends, this was it!

The excitement I have for this summit is beyond the stars and I will be honest I cried when I got home; tears of pure joy and sadness is what it was. I am so #grateful that I could be there to meet amazing brands & people empowering women who started doing more of what they love and using their social media platforms for good. I am bummed that I no longer will be surrounded by such uplifting and positive people I had met. However, I am determined to continue to create this for myself and to offer you and my clients what I’ve taken from this summit because we’re all deserving of it.

To be quite honest, I could write a book on all the good stuff I learned and the people who spoke were beyond amazing. In short, here’s 10 important messages from Blogher 2018 Creators Summit in hopes that you too can feel inspired:

1. “Without risk, there’s no reward” @wny_kelly

2. “Live your life because the people that are judging you are usually doing it from the couch!” @gabunion

3. If you’re not authentic, no one is going to listen to you. People want to listen to people, not ads.” @meganbatoon

4. “We’ve gone from human-beings to human doings. We never give ourselves a break” –@mariamenounos

5. “When you start from the bottom theres no where to go but up.”

6.  tip: Make sure you know . If you don’t have it on your site, get it on your site. It will inform you what is doing well and what’s not to help you improve.

7. “Quality content over quantity. Don’t just write a post to write a post. Take your time. Create special content.” – @colormecourtney

8. “You have to be consistent and work hard, but also whatever piece of content it is, I’m always thinking ‘what real value does this provide to my audience’ and if I can’t answer that question then a post wont go up that day. – @maryorton 

9. “If you want something you’ve never had before, you’ll need to do something you’ve never done before.” – @tdufu

10. ““As women, we work together. Help each other and rise together, and together you are stronger. It can be competitive in the workplace, but collaboration helps you achieve your goals better.” – Annie Wang, @hercampus

Which one resonates with you right now? Share in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you and as always stay connected with me on social media @sociallysteph on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Please share this post to sprinkle this inspiration around. Have a wonderful week!