aka Socially Steph. An entrepreneur, writer, Content creator & fitness trainer.

My mission is to lead an authentic and passion filled life by placing value on simply doing all the things I love & empowering you to find something you love along the way. My energy continues to guide me, every step of the way. Whether it be online or offline (in the studio or IRL) I strive to help my clients gain more confidence in their personal life & business. I encourage my readers to take action in their own life to live as bright and bold as possible.

Growing up I was a competitive gymnast training 30 hours a week in the gym. I was super dedicated to being an athlete & still to this day you can find me busting out handstands everywhere I go. Once I retired that “job” I fell in love with dance. ๐Ÿ’ƒ In HS I choreographed our hip hop routine and one of my biggest dreams was to be a background dancer in a 90’s MTV music video. Keep that between us ๐Ÿ˜‰

Health & Fitness have always been a huge part of my world and still are today. I am a 200HR yoga certified teacher, group fitness trainer & creator of the ELEV8workout class. I’m also obsessed with adventure, traveling the world with my husband, my dog Roscoe & I own way too many pairs of gym shoes. I love exploring my passion to create original visual content that represents a unique perspective on life.

Socially Steph started as a lifestyle blog & quickly turned into a business. In 2017, I started SociallySteph.com — it was a place to document things, people and places I love. Prior to starting Socially Steph LLC, I chased my Advertising career down Michigan Avenue in Nikes๐Ÿ‘Ÿ from managing social media accounts on global brands at an agency to becoming the first ever Social Media Specialist at ELKAY.

I realized a long time ago that I donโ€™t fit into a box & cubical life was the death to my creative soul. In 2018, I made the big bold decision to leave my 9-5 with absolutely nothing lined up except this website, SociallySteph.com. I placed all bets on myself to create my own opportunities. My Mom’s advice was always, “Never quit a job unless you have something lined up.” Well, I didn’t listen.

I rather take a risk, than lose the chance at doing something I love.

It’s absolutely amazing what happens when you set out & simply believe in yourself. You’d be surprised at all you can truly accomplish. After 8 months of working endless hours I matched my corporate salary & hired my first team member. This has been a wild journey and it’s only just starting.

Always keeping this one belief in mind: