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A slice of my story:

I always struggled with feeling stuck in choosing one thing & finding a fulfilling career place I absolutely loved. Flashback to 2014 I was literally chasing my social media marketing career down Michigan Avenue in Nikes from agency life to being hired as the first ever social media specialist at ELKAY (#corporatelife) , but still stuck & wanting more.

I didn’t have the answers, but gained the experience I needed to feel confident enough to take the risk and follow my hearts biggest desire. I started Socially Steph, initially as a blog in 2017 it was an outlet for background in fitness, wellness, business and a place to document personal things I love in hopes you’d find something to brighten your own life. One year later, Socially Steph LLC was born & offers services to help you even further. On my own social media you can catch me documenting the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, creating my own style rules; wearing yoga pants for a living & of course hanging with my #1 fan, Roscoe!

I realized a long time ago that I don’t fit into a box. I made the big bold decision to quit my 9-5 with absolutely nothing lined up except this website, I decided to place all bets on myself & simply believe in what I can create. I took the step forward to set out to create a path of my own & do more things I love to empower you to do the very same. Always keeping this one belief in mind:


A few fun questions …

What’s your favorite social platform and why?

I love different social media channels for different reasons. Still a fan of Twitter. I’m a #LinkedInLover & I find Instagram to be very educational and helpful when finding things you may love.

Describe yourself in a #hashtag, what would yours say?


Outside of Social Media, where do you love spending your time? 

At the gym, with my husband & dog OR … Santorini Greece!! My all-time new favorite place to be! However, if I’m going to opt out of a 13 hour flight the next best place is Denver, Colorado. 🏔 ☀️

If you could only have 1 social media platform which would it be? 

Instagram; because I find that Stories & stickers are super fun! Follow me @SociallySteph ♥️

What brand or business would be a dream account for you to work on? 

NIKE or Cavo Tagoo Santorini !

Where do you find your best inspiration? Online or offline … 

I find my very best inspiration when traveling ✈️, in the shower 🚿 , at 1am when I am trying to get ZzZ’s or during a work out.

Which emoji’s would best describe you? 

🎉🐶💪 💃💗📓👟🌞🌄🤳📸💍🌿🍕🥨☕️🎬