Hi, I’m Stephanie!

I’m a born & raised Chicago girl with nothing more than passion, a laptop & a dream. Obsessed with adventure, my dog Roscoe, & yoga pants. Read on for the rest!

Socially Steph came to life in April 2017 — it was an outlet to document my zest for life, personal adventures & simple things in life that bring the most happiness – starting with being yourself! My hope is that you can find something to brighten your own life on & offline.

Socially Steph came to mind while sitting on a beach. When I felt stuck in corporate life and couldn’t find the type of career opportunity I was looking for, I decided to create it myself. I’m thrilled to report that whatever you put your energy into, you’ll be successful. 

Socially Steph LLC.

I’ve been entrepreneurial spirited since age 9 when I picked my neighbors flowers and sold them back to him for $5 (Keep that between us!) As I grew older I was always trying out new ideas & putting myself into opportunities. It was about time I set out on my own & let me say, it’s been a wild ride. What started as an idea, has grown into a business that strives to help entrepreneurs & brands shine brighter online through online marketing strategy. Socially Steph LLC produces, manages & curates creative content, across all social mediums.

Everything we create exists with the same goal in mind: we want to give you the tools to make positive everlasting experiences with your audiences on & offline.  The Socially Steph Co. strives to create a positive & happy team environment. We work with creatives who are entirely dedicated to their craft as creators.  If you’re interested in being a part of the team you can apply & submit your info on our LinkedIn page. 

More About Me:

I grew up a gym rat, training 30 hours a week in the gym as a competitive gymnast. Some of my greatest accomplishments I hold near & dear to my heart are being voted as ‘Most Kind Student’ in middle school & winning IL All-Around State Champion. Being an athlete, growing up with divorce & facing personal challenges in my life has truly shaped who I am today.

One of my favorite things in life is seeing what makes someone light up. Watching someone live their passion and acknowledge how unique they are in the world is a tiny, but rather big moment in someone’s life.

I’m mostly known for my fun – energetic personality and I am happiest when helping others better improve their wellbeing. When you feel good on the inside and love what you do, you radiate on the outside.

My mission is to lead an authentic and passion filled life by placing value on simply doing all the things I love & empowering you to do the same. My energy continues to guide me, every step of the way. I love to help my clients feel more confident in their business & life.

A little back story:

Prior to starting my own business, I chased my Social Media Marketing career down Michigan Avenue in Nikes👟 from working on global brands at an agency to becoming the first ever Social Media Specialist at ELKAY 💦—  I have always been passionate about online marketing, branding, fitness & stepping into a life you love which is very connected to your career, wellbeing & your environment.

I realized a long time ago that I don’t fit into a box. One day, I made the big bold decision to up & quit my 9-5 with absolutely nothing lined up except this website, SociallySteph.com. I decided to place all bets on myself & simply believe in what I can create. My Mom’s advice was always, “Never quit a job unless you have something lined up.” Well, I didn’t listen.

I rather take a risk, than lose the chance at doing something I love.

It’s absolutely amazing what happens when you set out & simply believe in yourself. You’d be surprised at all you can truly accomplish. After 8 months of working endless hours I was able to hire my first team member & I had matched my corporate salary. This has been a wild journey and it’s only just starting.

I took the step forward to set out to create a path of my own & do more things I love to empower you to do the very same.

Always keeping this one belief in mind: