3 Steps To Build A Personal Brand On Social Media

If you haven’t noticed, you can’t go anywhere far without hearing that two letter word we all love so much, social media. I noticed that 2017 was the most I’ve heard about social media. I could not turn on the news, radio, walk into a store or overhear a conversation that didn’t end with that word. This universe has revolved around and on social media for a few young years, but with high increases in updates and competitive offerings, this buzz word is no longer just a word, but a life and way of doing business.

If you’re using your social media for the right purposes you will see that there’s more to this world than posting a photo of your boyfriend, dog or cup of coffee. #justsaying

Likes, hearts and comments oh my!!! Are you spinning your wheels and uber confused? Being that we live in a socially active world it’s important to still maintain a personal brand and showcase who you are, what you offer and more!

Building a brand on social media is much different from using it for personal aspects and it is my goal to help you find a style & strategy that fits you.

1. Get Niche-y with it

Yes! I said the N word, Niche. Ick, right? Okay, but you need to do this for yourself and for a simple start. It’s important stuff my friends.

Before you can establish or develop your expertise, you have to decide what you want to be known for. 💡 goes on!

The world of personal branding is flooded with competing entrepreneurs, so it isn’t enough to choose a general field like “marketing” or “traveling.” Instead, it’s best to develop yourself in a very specific niche. With a niche focus, you’ll have more opportunities to prove you know what you’re talking about, and while your potential audience might be slightly smaller, it will also be that much more relevant.

This whole thing can be super overwhelming so here; Check with yourself by asking questions and performing a bit of personal research on your favorite topics.

Among the questions you might consider:

  • What is the “one thing” that everyone says you rock at?
  • What are your passions and interests?
  • What do you read about most often online?
  • Will you still be interested in this particular area six months or a year from now?

At the end of this exercise, choose one to three areas of expertise to focus on.

2. Be Consistent

But for real. Pause. Do all your social media profiles look consistent? Do they deliver the same brand message across all platforms?

Doing this helps others find you easily and it helps cement a picture of you in the minds of others. The fewer variations you have (ideally you’ll create one consistent look), the easier it is to be memorable. 👏👏👏 Are you still with me?? Here’s a few things to note on being consistent:

  Use a consistent name on all platforms. You can use a tool called Knowem – allowing you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 500 popular and emerging social media websites.

— Use the same profile photo across all channels creating a recognition for your self-identity and brand.

— Come up with a catchy, unique headline, blurb, or bio. Again, this needs to stay somewhat the same throughout all platforms.

Lastly, but never least (we can go on & on … )

3. Post everyday to priority platforms

Making yourself easy to find is the first step toward a great brand. The next step: Sharing your enthusiasm and expertise with others.

Make sure you come up with a cadence that works best for you. If you can’t post every single day than make it a priority to show up 3-4x a week and again, be consistent with this. You can’t expect to see the growth you want if you’re going to post 1x per month and then all of a sudden go crazy posting 10x per month and vise versa. Find what works and go!

I hope these tips for building a social media personal brand strategy can help you in thinking about how you present yourself online. If you need more help just send me a note!!

💋 Stephanie




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