đź’ˇSocially Steph helps individuals and small businesses shine brighter on social media by delivering real time marketing efforts & quality content management services. After graduating with a degree in Communications from Elmhurst College, Stephanie worked as a social media and creative strategist for global brands in the advertising industry. She 100% believes in the power of social media marketing to help elevate your business goals and gain brand awareness. For years she chased her agency career down Michigan Avenue to then being the complete social media team in corporate land for Elkay Manufacturingđź’§. One day it hit her smack dab in the face and she decided to change the game! SOCIALLY STEPH was born; to best serve your social media business needs.

Most recent marketing career highlights (and why you can trust her) include:

  • Known as the “futurist” and BIG ideas girl who can see where your brand needs to be
  • Launched Instagram for @Elkay_USA and gained 4k+ organic followers with no paid media implementation
  • Achieved highest growth rate for @Elkay_USA competitors category on Instagram 5 months running
  • Grew & maintained @Elkay_USA Facebook fan page from 1,000-10,000K with targeted paid campaigns
  • Increased @Elkay_USA SOV by 62% among drinking water competitors on Twitter
  • Drove over 10 million impressions on social YoY for Elkay Manufacturing
  • Frequently met & exceeded clients engagement and growth goals